Our company offers a comprehensive package of services to enable you to run your irrigation system throughout the whole season.

Automatic irrigation design

Our projects are based on your plants‘ needs and we discuss your needs and requirements. We create economic automatic irrigation solutions.


Installation of irrigation systems damages the garden much less than people think. We dig the pipe trenches by machine. Installation is performed only by trained technicians. We always take care to protect the environment.


We offer a variey of services, from Spring start to the end of the season when we get your system ready for Winter. We offer service packages as well.

System failures

We are well prepared for irrigation system breakdowns. Our technicians regularly attend training sessions and we always carry plenty of materials with us for immediate replacement. We are aware that watering has to be done so we solve problems without delay.

System overwintering

Prepare your irrigation system for the winter. In the autumn, the system needs to be drained to keep the pipes from freezing and cracking during the cold winter months. Book a technician.

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